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Small Claims Courts in Ontario provide a way to resolve civil disputes concerning money for amounts up to $25,000.00 not including interest and costs. Small Claims Courts are quicker and cheaper than regular courts and are run fairly informally.
You must file your claim in the office in the area where one of these conditions applies:
Where the problem occurred (the location of the cause of action);
Where the party against whom the claim is filed (the defendant) lives or carries on business; or
The court's place of sitting (courtroom) nearest to where the defendant lives or carries on business.
Fees are payable upon filing a claim in Small Claims Court and for most steps in a proceeding such as filing a motion and requesting a trial date. The number of steps in a proceeding varies from case to case. Some examples of fees that may apply are as follows:
Item Fee
Filing of a claim by an infrequent claimant $75
Filing a notice of motion served on another party, a notice of motion without notice or a notice of motion for a consent order (except a notice of motion under the Wages Act) $40
Issuing a summons to a witness $19
Fixing of a date for trial by an infrequent claimant $100

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