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Even though you donít need a lawyer, you are much better off with some professional advice, either from a lawyer or paralegal.
Thatís because there are common mistakes people make when doing this by themselves.
Here are some of them:
  • People forget that most lawsuits must be brought within two years or you forfeit your ability to sue.
  • People do not sue the right person; for example, they sue a corporation without the word ďLimitedĒ at the end. Any judgment obtained may be worthless.
  • They donít provide enough evidence to justify their claim, including invoices, receipts and a clear explanation of the sequence of events.
  • Your claim is the first document that will be read by the judge. Make sure it is not scribbled in a hurry. Make it clear and attach all receipts or documents that support what you are asking for.
  • Every case will have a pre-trial settlement conference to try and settle the matter. Be prepared for this. Review your opponentís evidence at the hearing and ask questions, so that you will not be surprised by anything at the trial.
  • Make sure that any final argument you make at trial is supported by the evidence, receipts or invoices, so that it clearly sets out your position.
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